Your New Favorite Rustic Handcrafted Home Décor

For an interior design that is comfortable and chic, and unpolished yet eye-catching, you’ll want to consider a collection of rustic handcrafted home décor pieces. The rustic look is more than a design template – it’s a lifestyle! Rustic home décor is ideal for homeowners who have no interest in keeping every surface pristine and minimalized, but rather like to display the craftsmanship of their home and their hobbies on rough-hewn wood surfaces and relaxed, functional fabrics. For the most authentic design, it is best to ensure that you’re choosing artisan-made, handcrafted rustic home décor.

Although my current home is not a log cabin situated on the local lake, its Craftsman bones give a good foundation onto which I can add rustic elements. The presence of handcrafted and rustic pieces that pull the space together allow us to decorate with an air of relaxation that accommodates lots of different colors, textures, and tones. My new favorite rustic home décor items can be found amongst many high quality handcrafted pieces on Artisan Crafted Home.

Farm Table

A substantial farm style table in your dining room can do wonders for setting the rustic tone in the home. Although it’s crafted to order, this table has been worn in both texture and color to appear that it’s been passed down through the generations. Set this table with some simple ceramic dinnerware for some real country character.

Waking Bench

This bench is inspired by a salvaged car floorboard, and is the perfect seating addition at the Farm Table or other sitting area. The design is simple and beautiful, and varies depending on the floorboard chosen for your piece.

Stephanie Bed

Slumber soundly on this beautiful rustic bed with a headboard made from a naturally curved American Black Walnut tree plank. We love this wood artisan’s skillful work and his sustainable forest practices.

Wagon Wheel Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Set your room apart with this large round mirror that is framed in aged wide wood that is reclaimed from abandoned cart wheels. Because these are artisan crafted pieces, each mirror is unique and will add a contemporary yet authentically rustic edge to your home décor.

Nesting Tables Set 

These short, nesting tables are from the same collection as the Wagon Wheel Reclaimed Wood Mirror, and display the same unique irregularities in wood grain and texture as the mirror does. Keep this handy set of tables in the corner of a room for display, or for extra counter space as needed.

We love the way these rustic pieces coordinate together, even if they don't "match" perfectly or come from the same vendor. The rough-hewn wood pairs nicely with matte ceramics, pops of bold textiles, and even shiny metallic accessories. Which of these rustic pieces would you want in your home?