Zen Vessel Sink: The Versatility of Design and Materials

Few bathroom sink designs embody the contemporary elegance and timeless beauty like the classic Zen vessel sink. A thick rectangular base with slightly rounded corners and a centered drain is a perfect solution for a stylish modern bathroom. The classic Zen makes a stunning visual accent as a countertop bathroom sink. At Artisan Crafted Home, we offer the Zen bathroom sink style in a variety of materials to fit your design preferences:

Onyx Zen Bathroom Sink

Red Onyx Zen vessel sink

The stunning natural patterns of rare Red Onyx Stone create intricate patterns on the surface of each of our Red Onyx Zen sinks. Each sink is hand-carved from a slab of natural onyx stone formed over millions of years in the Middle East. Natural onyx patterns form alternating light and dark striations and unique color combinations. Our Red Onyx sinks feature a color palette ranging from terracotta red to green and ivory. Due to the limited availability of red onyx, our stock of Red Onyx Zen vessel sinks is limited as these sinks are no longer being produced. See our full collection of onyx sinks here.

Copper Zen Bathroom Sink

Zen copper vessel bath sink

A Copper Zen Sink by SoLuna combines the timeless charm of hammered copper with the classic minimalist appeal of the rectangular Zen shape. SoLuna artisans use thick-gauge copper sheets to shape each sink. Copper is a naturally antibacterial material, easy in maintenance and attractive in its look. Our copper sinks are available in 4 unique ‘living finish’ patinas – Matte Copper, Café Natural, Rio Grande and Dark Smoke (shown ). We are happy to create custom copper sinks to meet your needs – please contact us for more details.

Black Granite Zen Sink

Black Granite Zen vessel bath sink

Black Granite makes a truly dramatic material for a classic Zen vessel sink. These solid granite stone bath sinks are built to outlast your home. The polished interior and honed exterior provide a unique textural feel. Add a single Black Granite Zen sink to your bathroom to create a focal centerpiece, or install two of these sinks side-by-side for a stylish visual statement.

Crema Marfil Marble Zen Sink

Crema Marfil Marble Zen vessel bath sink

Few materials radiate a timeless visual appeal better than radiant marble. Crema Marfil Marble is accented with a natural pattern of tiny veins that add depth to the cream-toned base color. This type of marble is sourced from natural marble quarries in Spain. Each sink is carved from a solid slab of marble for a substantial, timeless look. The classic Crema Marfil Zen Sink makes a great addition to residential and commercial bathrooms. See other stone sinks from this collection here.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of timeless elegance to your bathroom or expressing interest in minimalist bathroom style, our Zen vessel sinks make a great design solution. For more information about our sinks or to inquire about a custom order, please contact us today!