3 Awesome Double farmhouse sinks in copper

Experienced homeowners will agree that no kitchen is quite complete without a double farmhouse sink. That is because these sinks are usually deep and can handle a lot of washing and other tasks more effectively than some of the minimalist sinks we see on the market today. No matter if you’re designing an award-winning kitchen for a mansion or simply renovating a high-end apartment, a farmhouse copper sink will blend in as a special feature or even a focal point.

When you choose a double farmhouse sink, there are so many different options in terms of material: You can have it in fireclay, cast iron, enameled steel, acrylic or even fiberglass. Obviously, a copper sink has distinct anti-bacterial properties and many decorators find it aesthetically pleasing, so it is not surprising that it ranks on top of the idealist of things to do in luxury home renovations.

To get the best option for your home you might even go custom. But let’s consider three pretty awesome double farmhouse sinks in copper that you can buy online right now:


The 36" Rounded Front Lg Two-Well Copper Farmhouse Sink


The round edge on the two-well copper farmhouse sink breaks away from conventional and minimalist looks. Imagine if you customized this further with your own choice of color and special patterns?


The Jumbo Double Well 50/50 Copper Farmhouse Sink

Jumbo double well 50/50 copper farmhouse sink

This is a more square-shaped farmhouse sink that is particularly useful where spatial or design constraints require a square look. Add your own color, pattern or special tap to it, and this can really become the new face of your kitchen.


The Animal Design - Double Well Copper Farmhouse Sink

Animal Design double well copper farmhouse sink

Adding character to your kitchen is not just achieved through wood and tiles: why not get a copper farmhouse sink with an animal design or any other icon that you love? Feel free to visit each of the above links to see more details about the dimensions, delivery time and customization options. Now that you have an idea of some of the best farmhouse sinks produced by the finest artisans around, perhaps it is time to look at a complete picture. Below is an image of a kitchen with modern appliances with a classic feel to it, which includes cast iron lighting, a stone wall -and a beautiful copper farmhouse sink:


copper farmhouse sink

Bear in mind that copper also looks great with other colors such as plain white and marble. Notice particularly in the image below, how a custom pattern on copper can make it the most prominent feature in the kitchen, especially where other lighter colors are used for surrounding items.

Image credit: Quantiply


copper farmhouse sink with decorative front

The best thing to do is explore our buying guide and compare the SoLuna copper brand against other options. Choosing the right layout and matching sink for your kitchen will surely contribute to the value of your home.