2 Fresh Ideas for Home and Garden Décor

Whenever my indoor & outdoor home décor begins to feel stale, I try to refresh the space with a few new interesting pieces. One doesn’t need to completely redecorate a room to feel a renewed sense of style. By simply creating a new area in which the eye can focus you will break the monotony of entering the same area day after day. Artisan Crafted Home offers unique, handcrafted pieces that you will be proud to add to your collection of home and garden décor. These pieces were hand selected from our collections to inspire a fresh, artistic and natural feel inside or outside your home!

Bring the Outdoors In with Pussy Willow Lighted Branches

This small addition to an existing vase is a unique lighting accent that is as functional as it is fun. Five individual realistic stems have small lightbulbs positioned as the furry buds of the pussy willow. This contemporary yet elegant set softly illuminates a room when plugged in, but looks just as lovely unplugged.



Serve Your Guests in Style with Acacia Serving Slabs

When you’ve gone through the trouble to find artisan cheeses, meats, or assorted crudité, wouldn’t it be nice to have something spectacular on which to serve? These beautiful serving slabs are handcrafted from acacia wood, rounded and polished to a smooth texture to reveal the amazing wood grain patterns. No two sets are alike, so you’re sure to have a unique, functional piece of artwork for your table!