5 Interior design trends home owners will love

It is one thing to be up to speed with the latest tips for interior design so your home can be trendy and another thing to find exactly what you need to achieve the right look and feel. In this article, we’ll discuss popular trends and show you which products can be ordered online or collected from the Artisan Crafted Home store if you wanted to pop in and meet us in person.

There is no doubt that the US home market, in particular, is going through a transformation and that fusion design, heavily influenced by international and Asian styles are considerations with upmarket investment properties. Naturally, this impact our trends. With this in mind, the decorator needs to think: who will stay in the home in the medium term, and who will the home likely be sold to if it is a high-end investment property.


For the bathroom: Vessel Sinks

bathroom vessel sinks


Whether the project plan is to achieve partial or full modernization – or simply remodel a bathroom to achieve a very specific look and feel, a vessel sink help you achieve that. The color scheme of your bathroom will certainly affect the entire ambiance. Indeed it is popular to use white as a base color and then combine it with other, for example, white add to white the above aqua blue dragonfly or even the bubbles and waves sink – and quickly add an underwater flair to the home. Another example of how a more romantic effect can be achieved is by adding black, such as the amber and black vessel sink or even the Bella-Oro glass sink. The list of color schemes goes on, but the point is one can easily use a funky colored sink with matching towels and carpets to add that “wow” look to an otherwise dull bathroom. While decorating the bathroom, you may want to look at medicine cabinets too.


Exclusive downlight chandeliers


downlight chandeliers

Chandeliers are maximum impact items when it gets to interior decorating. It really makes a statement about your house and who you are. Increasingly, across the US and Asia, this trend is noticeable with homeowners so there are a few things to remember when choosing your downlight chandelier: firstly, the dimensions of the light should be proportional to that of the room. Secondly, it should be well positioned and certainly not bigger than the table, if positioned above a table. The type of light chosen will need to match the design and overall theme, whether traditional, contemporary or eclectic.


Beautiful upright chandeliers


uplight chandeliers

Uniquely crafted, hand painted chandeliers make a personal statement. It is not only a popular choice for homes but also for offices – and of course, fancy home offices. The Artisan Crafted range caters for some of the best homes in America and our customers can choose from special gemstones to textured glass, blown glass, mirror glass and many more unique materials.


Green, black and gold is an emerging theme


green is the emerging theme in remodeling
Photo credit: The House of design Ltd


It is worth mentioning that designers now increasingly opt for a fusion of brand inspired themes, blended with something bold and lavish. In the above image, designers were inspired by Gucci and created a “Gucci concierge”. Many of the items, but notably also lighting can be purchased from us at Artisan Crafted Home.

Aspirational spaces


remodeling your bathroom
Image credit: Andara resort and villas


Homeowners all have different needs: More than ever, people want to enjoy something of what they have worked hard for. Call it a sense of achievement. Many want a space in their home that will give them true inspiration. In the above image, a bathroom with a view illustrates how one resort owner created a unique space that can be admired. You may decide to do something similar with a bathroom but may decide on another space in your home too when designing that special space. Whichever way you choose to create that space: Artisan Crafted Home have something special waiting for you.