Celebrating 20 Years of “Hand-Crafted” Online and at the Artisan Crafted Home flagship store.

Since 2001,, Inc has provided the largest collection of hand-crafted functional art worldwide. The concept of being able to purchase artisan created sinks, lighting, furnishings and home décor online with the support of customer service associates whom are experts in all aspects of what is essential to taking design concepts to delivery has changed the way discerning homeowners, interior designers and the housing construction industry now buy, build and remodel their homes.


Founders; Jack Healy and Suzanne Guttman Healy combined their years of experience in business, artistry and the building industry creating an innovatively unique way to shop online. The family includes,,, and Known for continually bringing unique and new products to match the changing trends the design industry demands. It was a natural progression to add to the established brand a flagship store featuring the beautifully curated collections Artisan Crafted has built its reputation from. Artisan Crafted Home is truly a shopping destination, featuring a collection of home décor, lighting, furnishings and entertaining accessories.


Choosing Langley, Washington for its flagship store was the perfect low-key and cultured Whidbey Island location. Located on First Street in the iconic village of Langley, known as the “village by the sea” with views of Saratoga Passage and the Cascade Mountains, the store is nestled amongst great restaurants, crafted coffeehouses, wine bars and unique shops. Langley is the star of Whidbey Island, a sought after northwest coastal tourist destination. Langley was voted number 5 in the top 20 best places to live in 2017 by Coastal Living Magazine.



The Artisan Crafted Home store in Langley is more than a home store. Immediately after opening the iconic turquoise colored door, walking in your senses are awakened by the scent of organically grown botanical diffuser oils, your eyes are bouncing from one hand-painted chandelier to a handstitched lampshade, to copper cookery from France, filling your soul with something that connects your personality to represent that special uniqueness to transform your ‘house’ into your HOME.



It’s a wonderful feeling to turn a house into a home, which is why we take pride in curating each product with the goal of inspiring creativity in everyday life. The store, as online is visited by thousands of tourists a year. “Shop Local” is embraced by the island residents as well and are loyal patrons since the day the ‘welcome’ sustainably forested handmade Teak Door Mat was placed on opening day.



According to co-owner Jack Healy, “We wanted to open a store to complement our online presence. We have a lot of customers that want to hold a product in their hand, feel the fabric and see the minute details – something that can be challenging to do online. A physical store also provides a way to meaningfully engage our customers and build strong and lasting relationships.”


Suzanne Guttman Healy, co-owner and glass artist since 1991, states, “One of the most rewarding accomplishments has been to enable other artists to support themselves with their talent and passion. When it comes right down to it no matter whom you meet in the world, we all want the same thing; to come home every night to our loving families and a welcoming home. Each person’s home is an extension of themselves. It’s the place you can be you and surround yourself with what makes your heart flutter.”


Whether visiting Artisan Crafted Home online or shopping in store, patrons immediately recognize its unique style first and foremost, if not by name. The Artisan Crafted style is its brand. The belief in dreaming big, in infinite possibilities and knowing when there is beauty, creativity, and art, the world is a happier, kinder place is more than a mission, it is promised.