Conversation Starters at Your Handcrafted Wood Table

With furniture as remarkable as this handcrafted wood table, you might worry that covering it up to serve dinner would be foolish. Fortunately, that is the best quality of functional artwork – you never have to feel guilty about getting a lot of good use out of it! Now, because you’ll be so delighted with your artisan-made furniture, you might find yourself wanting to boast about it to your friends or family at your next feast. Below are a few talking points to share with your loved ones, around your beautiful handcrafted wood table:

An octogon shaped handcrafted wood table available at ArtisanCraftedHome.comOctotable- The inlay that tops this eight-sided table is a reclaimed variety of wood called Sapele, which is a large tree native to tropical Africa. This same wood is used as the interior wood trim on some Cadillac car models.

The Octotable is reminiscent of the Art Deco style that flourished internationally in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. The look combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials and is often characterized by bold geometric shapes.

 Live Life to the Fullest Dining Set-8064Live Life to the Fullest Dining Set- Highly skilled artisans in Iowa hand-crafted this set of table and chairs with care and precision out of birch, poplar, and driftwood, and then added hand-drawn, etched, and painted imagery.

– These incredible furnishings can be customized with your own themes, colors, dimensions, and even 3-D elements from carved wood, leather, metal, fabric, and more.