French Copper Pans & Pots: Essentials for your Kitchen

When setting up a proper cook’s kitchen, you will need an assortment of pots, pans and other pieces of cookware. We carry an assortment of fine French copper cookware, including many sizes of French copper pots and French copper pans.

Copper is an excellent choice for cookware because it distributes heat evenly throughout your pot or pan. Foods prepared in French copper cookware are far less likely to scorch or burn. Because it conducts heat efficiently, you can use less heat to achieve than you might need from a pot or pan crafted from a different type of material.

Of course, another great reason to use French copper pans and French copper cookware is the appearance. French copper pots are extremely eye-catching and look fabulous when arranged on a beautiful pot rack or displayed in some other fashion in your kitchen.

French Copper Studio Copper Sauce Pan Set

We have several different sets of French copper cookware to consider. We have a 5-piece set that includes a 3.75-quart French copper pan ideal for sautéing. This set also includes a 5.3-quart copper casserole/stock pot with a fitted lid and a 3-quart copper saucepan with a fitted lid.

Our 7-piece French copper cookware set includes all of the elements of the 5-piece set as well as a beautiful and versatile 10.25-inch copper frying pan with a fitted lid. We also carry a 9-piece set that features all of the previous French copper pots and French copper pans as well as a 4 ¾-inch tall saucepan with a fitted lid. For customers that wish to possess a full set of saucepans, we have a 5-piece set of copper saucepans that range in size from .75 quarts up to 3 quarts.

Of course, we carry plenty of specialty pieces of French copper cookware, as well. We have a beautiful French copper pan designed specifically for roasting. This copper roasting pan actually is available in three sizes, including a 12-inch pan, a 14-inch pan, and a 16-inch pan.

French Copper Studio Dutch Oven Oval RoasterAnother highly versatile piece of French copper cookware is our Dutch oven oval roaster (see to the left). This French copper cookware is available in two sizes, a 12.75-inch roaster, and a 15-inch roaster, and both come with a fitted lid. A Dutch oven is an ideal cooking tool and can be used to slow cook a variety of meats, stews, cassoulets, pot roast and much more.

Our French copper paella pan is especially beautiful and can be taken from stovetop or oven directly to the table for a stunning presentation. Of course, you needn’t wait until you have a craving for paella to use these French copper pans. A paella pan can be used to pan fry fish or fillets of beef or even cover the bottom with an assortment of vegetables, top it with a plump hen and set it in the oven for a roasted chicken supper.

All of our French copper pans, French copper pots and other pieces of French copper cookware are designed and crafted in France by Pierre Vergnes. The coppersmiths at Pierre Vergnes have been creating the finest French copper cookware for more than half a century, and these pots and pans are used by fine chefs and epicureans throughout Europe.

Your hammered French copper cookware is quite easy to clean but must not be placed in the dishwasher. Mild soap and some warm water typically are all you will need to clean your French copper pots and French copper pans. Using abrasive cleaners or steel wool is not recommended as this can damage the inner tin layer.

As the French copper pots and pans age, the copper patina will become darker. While many of our clients love the look of aged copper, if you prefer to remove it, we recommend that you use a soft cloth to gently wipe on a mix of one part lemon juice to three parts kosher salt or perhaps Barkeeper’s French copper cleaning liquid. After using either solution, rinse your pot or pan thoroughly and dry them immediately.