Handcrafted Furniture for Your Home Storage Needs

Few home design elements can make a visual impact like handcrafted furniture. With so many mass-produced furniture options on the market, it’s a special pleasure to decorate your home with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces crafted by small-scale artisans. The unique creative approach and the use of durable natural wood allow each artisan to push the boundaries of furniture design and functionality.

At Artisan Crafted Home, we are proud to display the work of a variety of furniture artisans based in the US and all over the world who bring to life their passion for functional art. When it comes to the practicality of home storage, artisan crafted furniture can be a useful addition to any home. The variety of styles and designs we offer makes it easy to find the right piece for any home design.

The Classic Choice

Foyer Sideboard

The simple, clean lines of the elegant Foyer Sideboard can make a timeless design statement in a hallway or any room of your home. This slender sideboard is handcrafted from solid Cherry with flamed Birch and Wenge accents, featuring soft Maple drawers dovetailed with aromatic Cedar. Three center drawers and two side cabinets with a single shelf provide plenty of storage. The artist is inspired by the traditional Shaker furniture craftsmanship of the 17th and 18th centuries, paying attention to the clean, unadorned simplicity of form and sourcing native, sustainably harvested solid wood species in his work. See full collection by this artist here.

The Whimsical Choice

Studio 78 Lemonade Cabinet

Nothing adds a visual impact in your home quite like hand-painted furniture. Wendy Grossman of Studio 78 uses acrylic paint along with gold and silver leaf and copper embossing to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are both visually appealing and highly functional. Each piece is painted to order, with slight variations in design and coloration possible due to the handcrafted manner of production. Unusual structural accents add to the unique appeal of this furniture line, like the asymmetrical doors of Lemonade Cabinet. See the full collection of Studio 78 furniture here.

East Meets West

Satin Cirque Cabinet

A stunning example of woodworking craftsmanship, the Satin Cirque Cabinet evokes the look of a 19th-century French boudoir along with the structural simplicity of classic Japanese furniture design. The visual appeal is achieved by combining an array of wood colors and patterns with the unique curvy shape of the cabinet body and legs. African Satinwood, Walnut, and Maple are used in this piece, along with recycled leather and polyurethane material lining the drawers. Hand-carved Walnut cabinet pulls are sized according to the width of each individual drawer. The cabinet is finished with a non-toxic, eco-friendly finish that repels water. See other furniture pieces by this artisan here.


No matter which design aesthetic you’re looking to achieve, at Artisan Crafted Home we offer a variety of handcrafted furniture styles to please the most discerning home décor enthusiast. A lot of our woodworking artisans are open to making custom furniture pieces upon request. Contact us today to inquire about our furniture design possibilities!