The double farmhouse sink in copper: tips and ideas

Once you decided that copper is the next beautiful feature for your kitchen it is probably good to consider various sink designs and configurations with different kitchen designs. Previously we’ve shared an article on popular double farmhouse copper sinks but now we’ll show you how some sinks can bring out the best in your kitchen. One of the most popular choices by far is the double farmhouse sink. Perhaps it will help to look at a few ideas that worked well for others. After all, the more ideas you consider prior to a kitchen remodel, the better your decision will be informed. If you have not yet picked the best double farmhouse sink for your kitchen, you can also give us a call for a free recommendation.

Here are some awesome ideas for the imagination:


Idea 1: A Two-tone leaf banner to compliment a granite or marble top


copper farmhouse sink - leaf design

Whether you’d like a dark color to add contrast – or something lighter, even with more of a red natural copper shine to it, the options are endless. As can be seen above, a good sized copper sink with a beautiful pattern can ad a good finish to any kitchen. It is possible to order the above Two-Tone Leaf Banner Copper Farmhouse Sink online from us. It is also known as the Model #: CK7576M35-2T.



Idea 2: Ensuring consistency in a wood design and color scheme:


kitchen farmhouse copper sink

Copper and wood is usually a good color match. If you install a kitchen sink that matches with a wooden floor, wooden ceiling and cupboards, there is still the opportunity to play around with other colors to bring about a good balance. In the above image, a grey granite kitchen top with consistent white drawers and a white carpet brings about a total contrast – neatly balanced by copper and wood on the other hand.


Idea 3: A design pattern with leaf banner effects for a new kitchen theme


copper farmhouse sink


You’d like to give the kitchen a new theme, but often there is not much space for decoration, besides it is a kitchen, not a lounge with loads of free wall space - so how then to express any particular theme? In the above example, a flower or garden theme can be achieved simply by displaying some flowers alongside a matching flower pattern on a copper sink. You may of course not want a flower theme – the good news is that with a custom copper sink design, many other effects can be achieved.



Both modern and traditional kitchen designs can include copper. Copper sinks will give out a much warmer look than stainless steel, which can look more clinical in a home. You may desire to add a vintage or rustic appeal – in which case, play around with the color and patterns of the faucet when ordering your custom copper sink. The various materials used throughout your kitchen design can be used to create the feel or mood you’d like to achieve. Space is hardly a limitation: A large home can be equipped with a double or triple sized sink, or even a combination of sinks, yet smaller homes and apartments can also benefit from a beautiful baby single well copper sink. Next, you may want to get some expert tips on buying copper sinks in our buying guide.