The Whimsical World Of Sticks Furniture

Your home is your castle and your escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s where you welcome beloved friends and family and celebrate the many milestones of life. At Artisan Crafted Home, we believe that each furnishing and accessory should be a functional work of art, transforming a house into a home that truly reflects the owners’ personalities. This is one of the reasons why we’ve chosen to include handcrafted Sticks furniture in our online store.

Sticks furniture is an excellent and unique addition to any home. Each piece of Sticks furniture and accessory is handcrafted by an artisan in Des Moines, Iowa, and we offer a wide array of Sticks pieces online. This includes Sticks dining sets, a Sticks Lazy Susan, clocks, accent tables and much more. Sustainably-sourced woods such as birch, poplar, and driftwood are used to create the pieces. If you are unfamiliar with Sticks furniture, browse the full collection to see that these hand-painted and hand-crafted furnishings and accessories are true pieces of folk art and Americana.

One of the most popular items we sell in the collection is the Sticks Lazy Susan, which is a fun addition to any dining table. We have several different varieties: Cook Up a Storm Family Lazy Susan, for instance, includes eight different motifs featuring hand-painted loaves of bread, a vibrant green artichoke, a sumptuous pear and a glass of red wine. This Sticks Lazy Susan is about 20-inches in diameter, which fits nicely on a dining room table.

Another lovely model is the Make the Time Sweet Lazy Susan. This nature-inspired design includes sunflowers, tulips, autumn leaves, pine cones and other natural items. This particular style features a 24-inch diameter, making it the largest model in the collection. 

Of course, you can have a custom piece designed or perhaps simply add a few custom elements to an existing design. Each piece of Sticks furniture and accessory is made to order so you truly can have a completely unique design. You can even have the artisans include 3-D elements such as special wood carvings or additions of fabric, wood or metal.

One of the wonderful aspects of Sticks furniture is that the colorful designs allow you to place a piece just about anywhere, regardless of wall colors or different types of flooring. Adding a Sticks furniture side table beside a couch or sofa will brighten up space, add a touch of whimsy and provide a conversation piece for the room.

A Sticks wall clock or Sticks mirror is just the thing to liven up an office, guest room or entry hall. We have several different styles of Sticks mirrors and clocks, but of course, you also could order a custom mirror or clock if you don’t see the exact design you need.

Our Sticks furniture collection features several different styles of dining sets. For instance, the Walk on the Beach dining set includes a round table and four chairs. Each chair features a different beach-themed design; no two Sticks chairs are ever exactly alike. The table features a center design surrounded by a circle featuring a variety of flowers and plants.

 If you are searching for that special unique item for your home, Sticks furniture might be just what you seek. Take a look at our collection of Sticks furniture, Sticks accessories and Sticks Lazy Susans and if you don’t see exactly the design you want, give us a call and we can help you get started with a custom order.