Three Essential Tips to Bathroom Lighting

Three Essential Tips to Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Tips

After working with customers and interior designers for over two decades, we have found three essential tips that address bathroom lighting.


1. Task Lighting

Have enough lighting where you will be doing grooming tasks, like at the sink, in the shower, or in the tub.

Space around the mirror at the sink dictates what type of lighting you can actually install. But using three lights at the mirror is best for providing necessary light to reduce shadows on the face, where you have a light on either side of the mirror, and one above.  Avoid recessed lighting fixtures above the mirror, these cast shadows on the face, which can be frustrating.

Pendants or vertical sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are best for casting an even light across the face if the mirror is small enough.

For large mirrors extending over two sinks, long lighting fixtures or horizontal sconces above each sink is recommended, where the light can easily reach to each side of the face without shadows. Another option is to mount sconces directly on the mirror on each side of the sink, which doubles their lighting impact.

Not having enough light in a shower because of excessive moisture can be frustrating. Recessed lighting with a clear glass cover directly overhead or near the door really helps and will outlast a plastic cover that yellows with age. Clear glass does not obstruct or diffuse the light like plastic can.

Lighting above the tub can be the focal point of the room, so consider a lighting fixture that adds character or beauty as well as ample light. Chandeliers and pendants are great above the tub, and there are numerous designs that can fulfill your lighting needs while having a stunning presence.

Placing your chandeliers or pendants on a low to no-hum dimmer switch allows a range of light levels from bright to near dark, depending upon task or ambiance. You will find having an adjustable dimmer to be quite practical. Being able to adjust the light level for different situations will make your bathroom more user-friendly.


2. Ambient Lighting

Some call it mood lighting, this type of lighting is important for the impact on human well-being as well as function. Ambient lighting in the bathroom can make all the difference of turning it into a comfortable retreat from a sterile environment made of cold, hard surfaces.

Light exerts considerable influence on specific biochemical processes within our body. Depending on intensity, light can either have an activating or a calming effect. For instance, most of us feel lively and motivated on a sunny day, and on a cloudy day tired or lethargic. For these reasons, different types of lighting with varying illumination is recommended, as well as the installation of dimmer switches. Popular Types of Ambient Lighting – Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, Ceiling Lights, and Lamps.

Bright light in the bathroom can help stimulate and wake us as we get ready for the day, and more subtle and soft light at night can soothe and prepare us for a good nights sleep.


3. Accent Lighting

Adding depth to your lighting options, accent lighting allows creativity, with no rights or wrongs, and can open up your imagination to limitless possibilities. This type of lighting draws attention to something specific in your bath, like a custom glass sink or beautiful tile work.  Creating dramatic visual effect on an object or architectural element that is important to you will add a sense of connection, making your bathroom even more inviting and comfortable.  Often overlooked, accent lighting is an important factor to improve the bathroom’s aesthetics and feel and will complete the room, possibly making it your favorite in the house.

Have fun with these three areas of lighting in your bathroom, or in any room of your home.  The professionals at Artisan Crafted Lighting can help you find the perfect fixture for any space.