Copper Bathtubs: 5 awesome ideas for your bathroom

Copper Bathtubs: 5 awesome ideas for your bathroom



Copper in the bathroom is now a remarkable component to differentiation. If you really want to break away from the pack with bathroom decoration this is for you. Besides the numerous health benefits of copper, it is very trendy, so where can you start? To tickle your imagination, we’ve hand-picked a few interesting designs.


Idea 1: Copper, wood and a modern looking marble floor:


copper bath tubs
Image credit: Victoria Plum


We all know that grey has become a major trend in recent years. As you can see here, a copper bathtub is used to add contrast and break the monotony that would arise from a grey/white color scheme. If you imagine the same room with any of the Artisan Crafted copper bathtubs, it could turn out rather unique – but keep reading there is more:


Idea 2: Old wood frame building with modern touches


polished copper bathtub
Image credit: WestOne bathrooms


If you buy a new home or a modern apartment, this idea will probably not work for you. Yet across the US, some stunning old mansions are being renovated. The amount of times people renovate homes and apply paint very rare wood is remarkable. But for many of us who know the value of wood, it is hard to paint and spoil the wood. So designers will often hear the question: “How can I keep this lovely old wood and still appear semi-modern? Above is a good example of how a blend of modern tiles and a stunning copper bathtub can be used to achieve that. 


Idea 3: A copper bathtub with a view or incorporating a unique window frame


copper double slipper bathtub
Image credit:


When decorating tight spaces, the question of the focal point is interesting. In the above image, notice how a round window frame with a view over a small garden is used as a focal point, with a massive looking copper bathtub positioned from wall to wall. The Mediterranean color scheme here fairly neutral and blends in well with the darker copper. A light copper will be just as efficient. 


Idea 4: Copper bathtub with a fireplace and stone walls


copper bathtub with fireplace insert
Image credit: Youth vision


Whether you like this idea for a ranch or mountain location, it’s pretty unique and people love it. Notice how the bath is again installed between two walls, positioned against a window for a view. As opposed to other cases where copper is used to create contrast, in the case of stone and a fireplace, a copper bathtub simply compliments these materials and blends in naturally.


Idea 5: A wooden design for a spa or bathroom


copper bathtub

A bathroom is a peaceful place in your home where you’d like to relax and forget about the rest of the world. Many homes in the US contain a sauna, often located in the bathroom – which will inevitably incorporate wood in its design. Other bathroom designers simply seek to be different and may propose wood. Again – the use of a copper bathtub ads a special feel to any such design.

The above design ideas should serve as a good basis for inspiration when planning your dream bathroom. Besides bathroom customization, there is also the option of adding a custom-made copper sink to your bathroom.  The best bathroom designers all display their work online these days – which makes your work so much easier. Whether you’d like to live a life of your own design or pick a great copper bathtub from us and replicate something that you found interesting – we have the widest range of copper bathtubs available. Remember: copper is easy to clean and healthy to use. It is more fashionable than ever and will give you that truly unique look if you’re prepared to use a bit of imagination when planning your new bathroom.