Petrified Wood Cheese Board - Small with Brown Accent

Model #: AS-PW-SM-BR
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  • Aprox. 8-11" long x 1/2-3/4" thick
  • Knife mark-resistant petrified stone
  • Each piece is truly unique in shape and color
  • Smooth face and rugged edges for an unusual visual effect
  • Every item is unique.  Please review the available options in the images listed.  Make sure you select the number of your cheese board at checkout.
Our Price: $140
Product Description

A truly unique, all-natural material, petrified wood makes beautiful cheese boards that will add a touch of the outdoors to any room and can be used both for serving and chopping. This durable petrified stone is resistant to knife marks and scratches. Each of our Petrified Wood cheese board  has a one-of-a-kind look and shape with smooth face and rugged edges.

Each petrified tree takes over 200 million years to be produced. These trees are quarried from the South Pacific region known as ‘The Ring of Fire’, every single piece of wood is hand-selected based on its color, hardness and size. Once the artisans receive the petrified wood, they meticulously examine each log, and determine the best cut for its unique shape.

Each Color in the petrified wood mean different minerals that are present in the stone:

  • carbon – black
  • chromium – green/blue
  • cobalt – green/blue
  • copper – green/blue
  • iron oxides – red, brown, and yellow
  • manganese – pink/orange
  • manganese oxides – blackish/yellow

*Please note that due to the color variations of petrified wood, the pattern of your cutting board may be different from the pictures above. Our artisans guarantee the unrivaled craftsmanship and long-lasting durability of all of their products regardless of their look.

Care and Cleaning tips:

Harsh chemical cleaners should never be used on petrified wood. It should be cleaned with warm water and soap or with luke warm water alone. Never submerge your petrified boards in a sink of water. Dry with clean towel to avoid water spots. Soft jersey or microfiber cloths are your best option for cleaning petrified wood, stay away from abrasive brushes and pads.

Product Specifications

Aprox. 8-11" long x 1/2-3/4" thick

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