The Many Faces of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

The Many Faces of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Copper Farmhouse Sink


Despite the country plantation images their name evokes, farmhouse kitchen sinks are not limited to the rural, old Kentucky chateau. Farmhouse style, otherwise called apron front, kitchen sinks are known for their deep, functional basins and wide, revealed front basin walls. Simple, white porcelain varieties are often seen in the iconic farmhouse kitchen, but there is no need to limit oneself! Below you’ll discover that these products have a vast array of faces and textures that make them suitable for many home décors.


White Marble Farmhouse Sink


Raw & Rugged - White Marble Design

This sink’s rough granite front is complemented by a smooth, polished interior and rim. We envision the cooler color notes and rugged texture of the stone adding an intriguing focal point in a sophisticated, Modern kitchen, or even a weighty, raw, worn note to a Western design scheme.


Double Well Teak Apron Sink

Natural Timber - Double Teak Design


A teak farmhouse sink exudes natural beauty, durability, and stability. These artisan crafted sinks are built of sustainably harvested teak from Myanmar, and feature gorgeous grain that would complement a Craftsman or Timber-framed home, and would also serenely enhance an Asian design.


Copper Apron Front Sink

Scrolled Copper - Two Tone Rounded Scroll Design

Decorative copper farmhouse kitchen sinks are the heart of many kitchens, including those of English Country and motifs. The ornate scrollwork is highlighted by a background of nickel-plated copper, which accompanies other mixed-metal accessorizing. Copper has a beautiful “living” finish, is naturally antimicrobial, and is easy to care for despite its intricate, hammered appearance. Note the rounded front apron option on copper farmhouse sinks, too!


Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Edgy Metallic - Stainless Steel Design


For home design angled toward Modern or Contemporary styles, choosing a bold stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink could be ideal. Simple lines, the absence of decoration, and obvious function make this lustrous finish a must have for your cool kitchen. It’s likely that it’ll even match the appliances!


Travertine Farm Sink

Classic & Sacred - Walnut Travertine Design

With deep roots in history, Traditional styling, and symmetry, farmhouse kitchen sinks like the one below evoke a sense of calm and comfort in your home décor. Each sink is carved from a single block of stone quarried from hillsides where the rock has formed over eons.

No matter which style excites you, farmhouse kitchen sinks have been a staple for hundreds of years, and are products that will never go out of fashion.