"MountainPure" Filter and Replacement Cartridge

Model #: MT660
  • Removes 99.9% of particles over .5 microns
  • Incorporates an anti-microbial agent to reduce bacteria
  • 1000 gallon capacity - lasts 9 months based on average usage
  • Operates without wasting water like R.O. filters
  • Cleanable filter cartridge
Product Description

The MountainPure® water filter utilizes ceramic, carbon and silver to deliver clean tasting MountainPure® water. The MountainPure operates without wasting water. Its cleanable filter element makes for easy maintenance. It removes lead, aluminum and iron from water, as well as pathogenic bacteria and cysts - such as giardia and cryptosporidum. The filter cartridge meets ISO9002 quality standards.

Product Specifications

12" Overall Height
5" Diameter

10 - 100 psig working pressure range
41 - 86° F working tmperature range

1000 gallon capacity (approx. 9 months based on average usage)

6 feet of 3/8" HDPE tubing included

Minimum 11" space required below filter for cartridge replacement

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