4th of July Mainstreet Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Model #: SRG-4JM
Our Price: $2,625
Product Description
This could be almost anywhere on the Fourth of July. Anywhere, that is, with just enough breeze to lift a flag and at least one trombone to follow the drum major. From the somber patriot to the giddy adolescents, even the dog marching along with the band, all these kiln-fired glass figures are caught up in celebrating, each in their own way, their country’s birthday. The glass is illuminated day or night by a light, recessed into the rear of the hardwood base, which is reflected off the wall behind.

Limited edition of 30.

If requested, the band uniforms can be made of a different color of art glass: green, lavender, yellow, etc.

Product Specifications
42" long x 12" high x 8" deep

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