Inside-Out Cherry Wood Tongs with a Fork

Model #: JSP-STQ
  • Fully handcrafted
  • Made from durable cherry wood
  • Fold flat for easy storage
  • Hand-sanded finish
  • 12" long
  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA
Our Price: $46
Product Description
The unique design of these Inside-Out Cherry Wood Tongs has been specifically developed by our artisan. The forked hands fold together as two, yet are held only by one, making them ideal for serving salads and other kitchen needs. The tongs flod flat for easy storage (image 2).

Cherry is a durable and strong hardwood with attractive color and grain pattern. These pieces have a hand-sanded finish that reveals the warm color of natural wood.

This line of unique handcrafted kitchen utensils includes a variety of spoons, spatulas, tongs, shaghetti forks, etc. The artist crafts each piece individually in his studio in Pennsylvania.

Care Tips:
Scrub these wooden spoons with a Scotchbrite® pad using soap and warm water. For best results, occasionally rub the surface of your spoons with coconut oil using a paper towel or cloth. Do not put in dishwasher.

Product Specifications
12" long

Natural cherry wood

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