Product Description
This jade vessel sink is made by skilled stone workers in British Columbia. No two sinks are the same; each sink is designed by the artisan to fit the slab they are working with. Choose from original artwork by Pacific Northwest artists or work with us to have your own unique design realized. In addition to the stone hand carving, precious metals may be inlaid by goldsmiths at an additional cost. Jade sinks do not require chemical polishes and are resistant to acid and oil due to the toughness of the stone (jade has about the same hardness as quartz) and non-porous structure micro-crystalline structure. Jade has long been valued in many cultures for its combination of beauty and durability; it was even referred to as the "imperial gem" in ancient Chinese dynasties. If you desire the absolute best in stone sink offerings and unrivaled luxury in bathroom decor, this is it.

Artwork Options:

No artwork - $3850
Hummingbird design (shown) - $4250
Hummingbird design with gold inlay - $5250

Product Specifications
20" x 20" x 5.5" Slab Size
12" Diam. x 5" Basin Size

*Please note sizes are approximate as every sink is a unique, handmade item.

Pricing varies depending on design work, level of customization and grade of stone. The pricing listed is for the jade sink with hummingbird artwork. Request a quote if you would like to commission custom work.

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