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Company Name: Kinzig Design Studio

In business since: 1987

Owners: Susan Kinzig and Caryn Kinzig

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Company Description

Susan and Caryn work together to create each of their lamps. They incorporate proprietary elements with vibrant glass (blown by two glass studios) and solid brass and copper accents. The lampshades are deeply colored and sewn from embroidered silks and rich fabrics. With sensuous shapes and timeless appeal, the ever-changing collection they offer consists of more than 100 lamps ranging from contemporary to traditional in style. 


Product Offering

While their designs set them apart, they are also known for the high quality of our materials and workmanship.  Each lamp is made from solid brass and features vibrant glass that is hand blown by accomplished artisans. The distinctive shades are sewn from embroidered silks and other elegant fabrics. The lamps are individually finished with patinated metals and surface textures that will not fade or discolor and are topped with distinctive finials. The nature of the materials and processes makes each lamp unique; no two will be exactly alike.  


About the Artist

Caryn Kinzig Susan Kinzig

Susan Kinzig was already established nationally as a well-respected jewelry designer when her sister-in-law, Caryn Kinzig, left a successful investment career to join forces with her and enter the world of lamp design.


Susan founded Kinzig Design in San Francisco in 1987. A self-taught jeweler, she has supported herself as an artist since she was a teenager. After a seven-year career in graphic design, Susan took a cross-country artistic sabbatical from San Francisco to Philadelphia. Six weeks turned into six months when Caryn encouraged Susan to show her newly honed creations to local shops, at times literally pushing her through the door. Today her jewelry is sought by collectors and is carried by galleries, boutiques and museum gift shops.


Caryn also grew up with a love for art and an appreciation for handmade objects. Her childhood home was filled with beautiful artwork that her parents collected from around the world and from artists they discovered at shows on the East Coast. She has fond memories of walking those shows with her parents as original works and unusual pieces caught her eye. Her style and artistic eye continue to evolve as she travels the world looking for design inspiration and beautiful fabrics and materials to incorporate into the lamps.


In 2002 Caryn left the corporate world and had thought about going into a shade-related business. This was when she and Susan realized that they wanted to create lamps together. Within a year they’d formed Kinzig Design Home.


Their odyssey began with a visit to the Bowery, New York City’s lighting district, where they shyly asked some parts suppliers to teach them the mechanics of building a lamp. “The guys looked at us oddly at first, but showed infinite patience while we learned,” Susan recalls. “We thanked them with a box of cannolis and said, ‘One day you’ll be proud to know us.’ It’s true. And we’re still buying parts from them.”


Collaborating equally on the lamp designs since then, Susan works closely with the glass artists and produces the lamp bases in her San Francisco studio while Caryn searches the world for embroidered silk fabric and sews the shades in Philadelphia. The partners now sell their lamps to premier galleries, home accent stores and design showrooms in every region of the country.


Collaborating Studios

Kinzig Design Home collaborates with the following glass studios including: MAS Glass, Little River Hot Glass and Alex Abajian Glass. Kinzig Design Home also works with well-known fabric studios who paint some of the shade fabrics. They include: Kevin O’ Brien Studio, Lonni Rossi Fabrics and Sally Jones.


APKD Lampshades

Kinzig Design launched APKD Lampshades in 2013, reviving the art of making high-quality lampshades. APKD sews shades for other manufacturers and lighting stores while doing custom work for clients who need a special shade for a treasured lamp or who simply want a shade recovered or relined.


Product Examples:


Kinzig Table Lamp Mariola   Kinzig Table Lamp Mariola

Kinzig Table Lamp - Mariola


 Kinzig Table Lamp - Celia  Kinzig Table Lamp - Celia

Kinzig Table Lamp - Celia


 Kinzig Table Lamp - Staci  Kinzig Table Lamp - Staci

Kinzig Table Lamp - Staci


Kinzig Table Lamp - Natalia in rose  Kinzig Table Lamp - natalia in rose

Kinzig Table Lamp i- Natalia n rose


In Summary:

With sensuous shapes and timeless appeal, the ever-changing collection consists of more than 100 lamps ranging from contemporary to traditional in style.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can explore other possibilities. 

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