Petrified Wood Accents for Your Interior Design

Petrified Wood Accents for Your Interior Design

petrified wood home decor


Few materials can add as much visual impact to your interior design as petrified wood. This rustic, highly patterned natural fossilized material provides a unique look that fits well in rustic and contemporary settings. Petrified wood has inspired artisans from all over the world to incorporate it into their art. Here at Artisan Crafted Home, we display various pieces of functional art for the homemade from this unique material.

The name of petrified wood is given to natural fossilized remains of ancient vegetation. In the process known as permineralization, organic components of ancient tree trunks were completely replaced by minerals, turning into stone while retaining the original structure of the tree. This process happens underground over thousands of years when wood is buried under sediment or volcanic ash with no access to oxygen, which prevents its decomposition. Mineral-rich water deposits its components into the cells of tree trunks, eventually replacing cellulose in cells with tiny stone molds. Because of the structural stability and unique patterns of the resulting fossilized material, petrified wood can be used to make a variety of decorative and functional items ranging from jewelry to bathroom sinks.


Petrified Wood Drawer Pulls


petrified wood drawer pulls

If you’re trying to add just a touch of outdoorsy charm to your room, you may find our Petrified Wood Drawer Pulls helpful. The exact pattern and shape of each drawer pull vary from piece to piece, making each pull truly unique. We offer these pulls in dark or light color variations to match the look of your drawers. Choose your petrified wood drawer pulls depending on whether you want to match the color of your drawers or create a contrasting accent.


Decorative Petrified Wood Serving Slabs


petrified wood serving slabs

Our decorative Petrified Wood Slabs are handcrafted from thick, highly polished pieces of natural petrified wood sourced in Southeast Asia. This region of the world is known for its vast petrified wood fields that are a result of the rich history of volcanic activity in the area. Available in three sizes, our decorative slabs can be used as display bases for precious objects, or as natural decor on their own.


Petrified Wood Bathroom Sinks


petrified wood bathroom sink

A truly dramatic material option for bathroom sinks, thick petrified wood slabs are hand-carved and finished with an interior polishing to create our collection of petrified wood vessel bathroom sinks. Depending on the qualities of petrified wood slabs, each resulting sink can vary in look, size, and shape from an orange rectangle to a free-formed ivory half-moon. The outer surface of each sink is left slightly rugged for a natural look and feel.

 Whether you’re looking for a small petrified wood accent piece for your home or trying to add a dramatic centerpiece to your bathroom in the form of a petrified wood sink, Artisan Crafted Home has something just for you! Have something special in mind? Visit our site today, or contact us at (360) 321-2131 Monday-Friday, 7 am to 4 pm PST.