Suzanne Guttman Glass

Suzanne Guttman Glass

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Company Name: Suzanne Guttman Glass

In business since: 2001

Owner: Suzanne Guttman

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Company Description

Suzanne Guttman strives to integrate the environment into her art; finding intrinsic beauty in complex combinations of color and light. Working with glass is, for the artist, like choreographing an intensely focused dance, ever striving for the balance between grace and strength.


Product Offering

I design blown glass art vessels, sinks, chandeliers and lighted hanging art pieces. My inspiration comes from the beauty of simple, classic forms, and the fluidity within nature.


About the Artist

Suzanne Guttman Glass

Since 1980, I have incorporated my education in the design, marketing and communication industries; ten of those years I owned a graphic design agency in the heart of downtown Seattle focusing on branding and packaging design. Knowing that my passion and life experiences needed more of a free-flowing and creative outlet, I turned to glass for solace.

In 1990, I walked into Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle and my path was immediately clear, this is what I needed to do in my life. I loved working, teaching and serving on the Board of Directors at Pratt for a two-year term. After a number of years I needed to work at a larger, professional studio and found Martin Blank’s Studio as the perfect environment. I rented the studio continuously for over 15 years. In April of 2001, I made the commitment to focus my career solely on glass and continue my artistic growth.

Suzanne Guttman Glass

My search for creative vision is shown in my quest to integrate what the environment has to offer. I am especially moved and am influenced by the incredible shapes plants provide. Images of leaves, flowers, roots, windswept branches, the curl of a tendril from an offshoot of a stem, are inspirations within my designs. And, I am fascinated by both the simplicity and complexity of colors and the intrinsic beauty created when positioned together with light. It is the balance between grace and strength that I strive for in my work.

Designs of my current pieces have evolved from working in series, taking the technical preciseness and strong influence of traditional Venetian designs and adding my expression of movement, whimsy, color and simplicity. I am enamored with the process of glass and its unique formation into a blown form.


Product Examples:

Blown Glass Chandelier
Suzanne Guttman Cluster Glass Chandelier


Blown Glass Vessel Sink
Suzanne Guttman Glass Sink - Caliente


Blown Glass Chandelier
Suzanne Guttman Glass Tripod Chandelier


Blown Glass Wall Sconce
Suzanne Guttman Glass Tulip Sconce


Blown Glass Wall Sculpture
Suzanne Guttman Wall Sculpture - Carolina Tree


Blown Glass Sculpture
Suzanne Guttman SR Flower Vase Sculpture


In Summary:

“Glass pushes every emotion for me,” says Suzanne. “It is a mental and physical challenge that connects my soul to creativity. The process of creating is a magical, spiritual journey. I am always awed and never bored, I love this art form.”

I am honored and proud to have my lighting, sinks and sculptures in residences, corporate environments and hotels throughout the world. I have adorned bathrooms from single-­‐family homes, airplanes, and motor coaches to yachts and mega yachts built in Dubai, Asia and around the world. Although architectural work is my main passion, my aesthetic work (vases, sculptural pieces and bowls) are also collected and have adorned discerning homes and galleries worldwide.


Editor’s Note:

We would be remiss if any blog post about Suzanne Guttman Glass didn’t include Suzanne’s constant companion and closest friend - Scruffy. He really is a great dog!


Suzanne Guttman Glass

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