Teak Wood Vessel Sink | Small | Round

Model #: WS-BB-ROUND
  • Rustic, flowing feel
  • Carved from solid teak
  • Please note the number of selected sink, according to photos, in the comments section at checkout
  • Long-lasting and durable
Sale Price: $195.00
Product Description

This round, hand-carved vessel sink is made from solid teak and comes to us from Bali. Beautifully suited for wet environments, teak is extremely durable and has long been used in boatbuilding. This rustic, free-form nature of this vessel gives it an organic and earthy appeal that perfectly suits it for rustic, tropical, or ethnic home decor. The wood is treated with an eco-friendly, water-resistant finish. The sink comes with a special drain. This drain can be carefully removed and replaced with a standard lavatory 1.5" diameter drain if you prefer.

Teak sinks are handsome and robust. They are pleasant to use and softer than ceramic or steel, and very quiet!

Why Teak?

Teak is perfect for the precision work of making sinks because of its unique combination of great durability and stability. In wet environments where the timber must behave predictably, teak is the king. Teak grows in the mixed deciduous forests of South Asia and is not a tropical rain forest tree. It is also found in plantations across the world. All our finely crafted teak sinks use teak from Bali that is harvested in an environmentally sustainable way.

Cleaning tips:

These sinks are easy to clean with standard non-abrasive bathroom and kitchen cleaners. Products containing bleach should be avoided as they may lighten the wood unevenly.

Product Specifications

Sizes Vary, and range from 14" to 18" in width and are noted in the pictures above

*Note the sink number in the comment box during checkout. Sinks shown are pictures of sinks available.

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