Trends in Modern Kitchen Design

Trends in Modern Kitchen Design



In the past, kitchens were discarded as the place for meals and household chores. Rarely did entertaining ever happen in the kitchen. Most homeowners would be embarrassed to bring someone into the kitchen unless it was a farmhouse or ranch. Then, kitchens became more of a centerpiece. Homeowners become more focused on creating beautiful kitchens that could be on the cover of magazines. Rarely are some of these elegant show kitchens even used for cooking or cleaning. The modern kitchen is a mixture of both. It is becoming the heart of the home as an ideal place for entertaining guests while also maintaining the functionality of the kitchen.


There are 6 primary aspects you have to consider when remodeling the kitchen:


- Color

- Tone

- Style

- Design

- Comfort

- Function


By understanding how these aspects work together, you can build the kitchen of your dreams.


Color & Tone


A piece of advice from almost every designer is: “Gray is the new white”. You can't go wrong with gray cabinets or cupboards. It is a smooth color that blends with every accent color. It's neutral while being more engaging than the typical white or beige colors. Once you know the base colors for your kitchen, typically neutral tones, you can decent what the accent color should be. You should be flexible with the accent color because you may want to change it over time.


Accent colors can be used to bring life to:


- Backsplashes

- Cabinet handles

- Lighting fixtures

- Stools

- Art & decor


Most designers are choosing to add color to the appliances instead of the cupboards. Many appliances can be bought in bright colors instead of the traditional off-white. Bright colors will open the room up, giving it more of a homey feeling. Chrome is also a good choice for appliances because of the appearance, but it's harder to keep them clean. Chrome appliances often get streaky, especially if you have children in the house. Black and darker matching appliances are often the ideal choices because:


- Black is flexible and matches everything

- Black is sleek and elegant

- Black and other dark colors are easy to keep clean


Of course, black and white are always a classic go-to for any kitchen. This is because you can add accents in any additional color and they will always match. Black and white are popular together because they also offer a juxtaposition of light and dark. You can accomplish this with light and dark wood as well or even using different shades of marble. Creating a contrast between light and dark is a great way to bring life to your kitchen.


Bright colors should always be used in moderation as too much color may be overwhelming. However, the absence of bright colors can make the kitchen feel dull and boring. Find a happy medium within your color palette, but always keep flexibility in mind.


Style & Design


A great way to personalize your kitchen is through the backsplash you choose. You can opt for a basic pattern in neutral colors or you can opt for a non-traditional style. Complicated patterns may appear hard on the eyes when you're looking at them in-store. However, when added to your kitchen, can add elegance. A dash of color in your backsplash helps it to stand out from the wall as well.


You can also let your kitchen radiate your personality by:


- Hanging art on the walls of your kitchen

- Choosing light fixtures that stand out

- Mixing materials for your countertops

- Blending contemporary styles with traditional styles

- Using bold fixtures


One of the latest design trends is installing dark flooring throughout the kitchen. Some designers are even adding color to the flooring to make it really stand out. Shapes are important when it comes to style and design. Most designs choose the aesthetically pleasing look of straight lines. If you want to choose a more complicated design, make sure you're complimenting your pattern. Choosing the right patterns for the kitchen can be as pleasing as choosing the right colors. Explore your options. Note that in terms of kitchen styles, modern-classic is still huge: not all homes are suitable for an ultra-modern look, so be prepared to consider a wide range of options that can match other elements of your building.

It is worth noting that the use of copper sinks are popular for both modern and classic kitchens. This is not only due to the anti-bacterial properties and other benefits of copper, but indeed because it can blend in well with multiple styles. Many designers search on CopperSinksOnline, Houzz, Sinkology and other sites for ideas and ultimately after comparing Soluna with the other options on the market, they end up choosing our SoLuna copper brand which also offers custom-made copper sinks




A kitchen should always be comfortable to spend time in. Whether it's sitting on a comfortable stool as a guest or standing over a farmhouse sink to prepare dinner for the family.


There are many different ways you can improve the comfort of your kitchen, such as:


- Installing a farmhouse sink in place of your current sink

- Removing overhead cabinets completely

- Using tiles on the walls and floor

- Improving the overall functionality




A beautifully designed kitchen is fairly useless when the designer doesn't consider the functionality as well. A few examples of functionality include:


- Using technology to open and close cupboards and drawers

- Installing motion-sensor faucets and lighting fixtures

- Installing pull-out or rotating cupboards

- Maximizing kitchen storage in a unique and useful way

- Hiding appliances behind cupboards

- Hiding the stove vent behind a cupboard


Enhancing the functionality of your kitchen is a must when you're redesigning the space. For many of these improvements, there are DIY instructions to save time and money. As long as you have a good eye for visualizing, you should be able to improve the function of your kitchen.


Additionally, having an island in your kitchen is ideal for functionality. It has the secondary function as a table, which makes it ideal for entertaining guests. The additional counter space makes it a dream come true for most busy moms and professional cooks. If you choose an island with storage, it increases the storage options for you as well. Some islands even have a second sink installed!


The island is the center of the kitchen, so it's important to choose wisely.


One thing that rarely crosses a homeowner's mind is pets. More often than not, the pet feeding station is somewhere in the kitchen. This is your opportunity to install the feeding station directly into the cabinets by leaving space for the dishes. You can also create a play area for cats or a pull-out sleeping area for dogs if you're interested in making the kitchen feel more homey and comfortable. It is important to find the proper balance between looking good and functioning properly.


Remember: You don't need to completely remodel your kitchen to give it a new look. You can simply reface the existing cupboards. This can save you money that you can easily use towards enhancing your current kitchen. A dull kitchen only needs an appealing backsplash and a few pieces of art hung on the walls to transform the entire room. You just have to get creative!