Unique Table Lamps – a Touch of Elegance

Unique Table Lamps – a Touch of Elegance

Unique Table Lamps


I love the early morning. Waking up slowly, the house is silent and still for another precious hour or so. I enjoy allowing myself time for reflection and study before the rush of the day is established. As the sun has not yet fully risen, this quiet time is always aided by the light of unique table lamps I’ve collected in my home. It’s an arresting moment when I break the dim morning light with the turn of a lamp switch. Another second of silence, now illuminated, and I begin my day.

Presumably, those cherished morning moments would still occur in the light of less remarkable lighting art, but the charm and character of strategically placed unique table lamps can certainly enrich the sitting experience. Here are several artisan models that we imagine stealing your first moments of each day with their beauty and light:


Gartner Blade Glass Table Lamp

The Gartner Blade - Flatten Opal

This Hand Blown Glass Table Lamp - Flattened Opal has a flattened shape of this lamp is the perfect background to accentuate the marbling effect that bands around the middle.

Best placement: Living room, home library.


Designer Table Lamp

The Arc Lamp

For a sophisticated or edgy room, visualize working diligently under the light of this crane-inspired piece. The vertical steel piece creates contrast with horizontal polished Bubinga wood crossbar for a striking, masculine look.

 Best placement: modern architectural office, home workspace.


Hand Painted Table Lamp

Le Jardin Reverse Hand Painted Glass Table Lamp

No need for the maintenance of fresh flowers when you have a permanent, illuminated bouquet. Talk about unique table lamps! These beautiful, hand painted masterpieces are signed and numbered and include certificates of authenticity as original artwork.

Best placement: sitting room, bedroom.


Regardless of what style you’re trying to follow throughout your home, there’s always a few unique table lamps that could add a nice touch to the look of each room. Take a look at the wide variety of handcrafted table lamps we offer at Artisan Crafted Lighting, and if you have any questions, please remember – we are here to help!