Waterstone Fulton Prep Faucet

Model #: WF-3925
  • 7" spout reach
  • Solid brass or solid stainless steel construction
  • Lever handle can be mounted in front, right or left
  • Reverse osmosis filtration compatible
  • Available in 27 finishes
  • Made in the USA
  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for production and delivery
Starting At: $1,556
Product Description

A sleek and contemporary design, this Waterstone Fulton Prep Faucet features a U-spout design (7" spout reach) with built-in diverter for connection to optional side spray. Available in solid brass or solid stainless steel construction with lever handle. Faucet can be mounted with handle in front, right or left hand positions. Handle adjusts for clearance from backsplash. Compatible with reverse osmosis filtration systems.

NOTE: This faucet is finished to order. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

Waterstone Facts:

  • Waterstone is the only major kitchen faucetry manufacturer that makes their products from American-made brass and stainless steel. All of the Waterstone faucets are made completely in the USA from start to finish.
  • All products are backed by Lifetime Functional Warranty.
  • The faucets are available in 27 finishes and Solid Stainless Steel.
  • Each faucet is built and plated to order, rather than shipped from pre-made stock. 4-5 week lead time is to be expected.
  • All faucets are individually handmade, polished, finished, assembled and water-tested by hand.
  • Specially developed packaging ensures one of the lowest shipping damage rate in the industry.

Product Specifications

15 1/4" Overall Height
7" Spout Reach

Made in the USA

3925 Group 1 (image 2) - $1,556 - Chome Only
3925 Group 2 (image 3) - $1,634
3925 Group 3 (images 4-5) - $2,129
3925 Stainless Steel (image 5) - $2,187

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