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Artisan Crafted Home Furnishings and Decor

Artisan Crafted Home is the premier online store with the largest collection of artisan crafted home furnishings, decor and accessories available in North America.

Buy Extraordinary - Buy Differently - Buy Handcrafted


Artistic Furniture

Artistic Furniture

The modern living room, dining room or bedroom deserves artistic furniture that speaks about who you are and what you appreciate in life. Our home furnishings are selected based on those factors, and for the custom craftsmanship that makes our items unique and beautiful.

You could call many of our pieces art furniture, for their art gallery or museum-like aesthetics. Find something for every room - from tables and chairs to bed and bath items, including office items that will give a positive and interesting first impression. Browse our selection of whimsically hand-painted Sticks Furniture, a favorite among artisan collectors.

Custom furniture design is our artisans' focus. They display skill, care, and pride in every custom piece they create. Choose from our modern selection featuring the best of the best handcrafted furniture to add the finishing touch in any room. Own a piece that will inspire you every day!

Thank you for visiting. Your uniqueness will be emphasized when you buy from Artisan Crafted Home.

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home decor provides the finishing touch to any design project, and Artisan Crafted Home loves bringing you the finest and most unique pieces for interesting and beautiful home decorating. Find many options for kitchen decor ideas, where inspiration will get your creative juices flowing. Our modern wall decor items and designer mirrors are handcrafted by talented artisans, who created each piece with passion and skill. You can't help but be inspired as you browse our catalog.

We feature wood art worthy of museums, art shows and high-end art galleries, but sold only here. We work with a community of glass artists whose decorative glass vases and mosaic vases are truly one of a kind.

Find sculptures that attract attention and inspire intrigue. Browse exclusive wall art that can be customized to fit exact dimensions. Own timeless beauty in our glass art pieces, where colors, styles and designs transcend limited shelf-life fads and trends. Shop the most unique selection of handmade glass door knobs, with designs and colors that will take your door from ordinary to extraordinary. Also find eclectic glass cabinet knobs for kitchen or bath.

Contact us for a special request, and we will do our best to make your home decor idea happen for you.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is the heart and the activity center of the home, with the little things really help to make your life easier. Artisan Crafted Home brings you many kitchen essentials to help things run smoothly. Shop everything from cutting boards and oven mitts, to fun measuring spoons and cooking utensils.

Find creative kitchen decor and accessories that suit your need, like coffee scoops and spoons for your freshly ground beans.

Shop our selection of chef knife sets, custom chef knives, and other professional kitchen knives. We carry the top in artisan brands such as Haslinger Knives. We want you to find the most beautiful new pieces for your cutlery collection, such as our Pearl Handle Steak Knives.

Unique kitchen accessories are our speciality. A perfect example for one of our kitchenware options is our fun line of pot holders, skillet mitts and oven mitts. You'll find printed fabrics with bicycles, lovebirds, cupcakes, stylish owls, 1940s tattoos or sushi.

Make Artisan Crafted Home chef central for your kitchen accessories. Our goal is to provide the best of the best with unique style to reinforce your individual design taste.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of Artisan Crafted Home, the premier online store with the largest collection of artisan crafted home furnishings, decor & accessories available in North America.

We are the valued resource of designers, architects, builders and the discerning home owner. Shop unique and custom furniture you can't find anywhere else. If you are doing a remodel, we feature artisan sinks and tubs, and modern lighting fixtures for any room or office.

Browse our beautiful dining and kitchen essentials, for the heart of your home. Discover the artistic pieces of all kinds, for home decorating, including garden furniture and art for comfortable outdoor living.

We even carry natural and organic body care and beauty products that are safe for the entire family, including your pet.

Customizing is our speciality. Please contact us with your special request and we will do our best to meet your needs. Our goal is to bring you fine artistry, beauty and style to your home.

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.

We work directly with skilled artisans to bring you the finest handcrafted products. Customizing is our specialty! Our home furnishings and decor can be purchased as is or made to your specifications. We offer a large selection of made to order solid wood furniture, modern wall decor, textiles, kitchen accessories, and much more. Our beautifully handcrafted home furnishings will add the perfect finishing touch to any project. If you have questions, please call us today at 877-320-0800. We are always happy to talk to you!