Glass Sink Guide

Glass Sink Guide

Our Individually-Crafted Glass Sinks

Glass sinks are becoming more and more common in contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. Elegant, sophisticated and versatile, glass sinks are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Whether your aesthetic leans toward stark modern designs or warm traditional flavors, rest assured there is a glass sink to suit your preference and complete your space.

Artisan Crafted specializes in glass vessels and therefore has an impressive collection from which to choose. What separates Artisan Crafted from many of our showroom competitors is the fact that we don’t deal in production products. The glass sinks featured are individually crafted by professional artists who are well-versed in the design/creation process.

Our collection of hand-blown glass sinks is an excellent example of the store's distinctive and one-of-a-kind product lines. World-renown glass artists like Suzanne Guttman and Robert Jones are just a few of the dozens of designers who lend their talents to our exclusive collection. Thus, individuals who purchase hand-blown glass vessels from Artisan Crafted are not only buying a functional basin but a custom-made work of art.

Our artists incorporate old world glass making techniques. Many vessels are hand blown, something not generally found in most showrooms. Other glass artists utilize a process known as "slumping & fusing". Time consuming and painstaking, this process consists of fusing together different pieces of glass (creating various patterns and colors). Only once all the pieces of glass have been fused together to create a solid sheet can that sheet be slumped into the desired vessel shape.

At Artisan Crafted, our dedication to quality and ideal design in decorative glass sinks is one of the many reasons we stand above the rest.