Farmhouse Sink Installation

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Undermount Installation


We find that 99% of all farmhouse sinks are installed in the under mount configuration. Typically, the countertop will overhang the interior of the sink by about 1/8 inch. The "shoulders" at the front sides of the sink go in between the cabinets. The sink can protrude approximately 2 1/2 inches at the front.

Mount a 2x4 cleat to the sides and back of the cabinet for the sink to sit on. This should be placed so that when the sink is positioned on it the top rim lays perfectly flush with the walls of the cabinet. The countertop will lay over the top of the sink.

Before placing the sink on the cleats, check to make sure the top rim is perfectly flat. If necessary, turn the sink over on a flat, clean surface, such as the floor. If any part of the rim lifts away from the floor, gently tap it down until it meets the floor. The proper tool for this is a rubber or wooden mallet. If neither is available you can use a standard hammer but lay a folded washcloth or several layers of a rag on the metal to buffer the force of the hammer. Tap very gently. It shouldn't take much to move the metal.