Designing Custom Furniture


We often pay such attention to the meticulous skill and craftsmanship involved with the creation of fine custom furniture, that sometimes we forget where each piece is truly born as an idea.


Before the perfect piece of wood is selected, before the tools are sharpened, and before a finish is chosen, each piece of custom made furniture begins as a concept. In the mind of the artist, it takes shape and breathes life long before his or her hands begin their work.


From this point, the design is “put to paper” where it begins to take visual form and where it will be revisited and honed many times before the furniture is finally crafted. This can be done on a computer, a drawing board, or merely a sketch pad. Next a small scale model is often created to assure its flawless functionality and beauty before work on the final product begins. Only after numerous hours of impassioned labor and attention to detail can the actual piece be made.


Designs are born from myriad inspirations of course; some are function turned beautiful, others are beauty made useful.


Their are many examples where a beautiful visual concept is seamlessly integrated into a familiar design. The layout and structure of the bed are not unusual in overall shape and function, but the artist's vision has transformed those elements into a piece unlike anything else, one full of life and energy that can transform the tone of an entire room.

American-made table


The Wooden Hinge Table comes at the design process from a different angle - focusing on functional mechanics rather than overt decoration. The integrated hinge design creates a piece of strength and utility first and foremost, with its aesthetics brought out by handcrafted simplicity and beautiful choice of woods. Here a practical inspiration gives birth to art, and we see balance achieved from a new perspective.


Each of these pieces is unique and unlike any that you'll find in standard production anywhere. This is one of the greatest things about small-scale production by a real craftsperson: even the most unique and individual designs can find life and purpose. They need only be the right design for one person, not thousands, so you can own a piece that is unique and has not been watered down to appeal to the masses.


There's a reason you won't see these designs in stores, and there's a reason why our artisans do what they do. It’s called artistic integrity. These pieces are crafted in exacting, loving detail in complete fidelity to the artist's vision without compromise, and it shows. There is an indescribable quality to a piece of artistic creation when it has taken form directly from the mind of its creator.


Now with such painstaking work invested by our artisans, you can easily become involved with the intimate design process, pouring some of your own personal style into something that will last for generations.

Give us a call and we will help you create your dream furniture either by modifying one of the pieces in our catalog or by starting from scratch!