Designer Chandeliers

Designer Chandeliers

designer chandeliers


I cannot speak for everyone, but normally when I hear the word chandelier, I will immediately visualize those large, Crystal style designs that seem to take over a room.  This type of chandelier has been featured in many films, and of course, the chandelier plays a key role in the stage show, “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Today, there are many options for designer chandeliers, and you can definitely find one that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Here are four types of chandeliers that you may want to consider:

·         Cluster Chandeliers

·         Downlight Chandeliers

·         Pendant Chandeliers

·         Uplight Chandeliers


Cluster Chandeliers

cluster chandeliers

If you are looking for colorful works of art, then the cluster chandelier may be what you need.  Each piece has its own personality, such as the vibrant Joyous Chandelier, the Flower Ball Chandelier with it’s individual blown flower shapes, or even the Vegas Chandelier, where you get the look and feel of the sun. 

The Cluster Chandelier is definitely meant to be a conversation piece.

Downlight Chandeliers

downlight chandeliers

If you prefer a more contemporary style, the Downlight Chandelier might fit the bill.  This is a design where the lights shine downward, a perfect solution if you want to illuminate a specific area in the room.  You just need to choose your favorite material.  The Downtown Mesh Drum Chandelier showcases the mesh style lamps.  The drum usually covers the white-lighted shade.  If you are fond of glass, there are several options, such as the Textured Glass Square Chandelier.  You can select from various glass color options to fit the color scheme of your room.  The Skyline Chandelier would be a great option if you prefer an outer shell made of metal.  Similar to the mesh option, the metal design also covers a white-lighted shade.

Pendant Chandeliers

pendant chandeliers

Pendant Chandeliers offer pieces that showcase individual lights that are bound together.  Choices include the Alpine Pendant Chandelier, with its white onyx stone panels and black hardware finish, or the Tempest Round Waterfall Chandelier, with its three pendants and steel-banded shades.  Most of these offer individually adjustable pendant hanging heights.

Uplight Chandeliers

uplight chandeliers

As the name indicates, the Uplight Chandeliers are designed so that the lights are facing upward.  Traditionally, this type of light is seen to be more formal than the other three styles we reviewed.  I just want to make it clear that formal does not mean boring.  The choices available are colorful and artistic, such as the Hali Reverse Hand-Painted Glass Chandelier.  Take a look at some of the other uplight offerings that are available.  If you want to go bold, one of these options might be for you.

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