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Company Name: Gartner Blade Glass

In business since: 1996

Owners: Danielle Blade and Stephan Gartner

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Company overview

Partners since 1995, artists Danielle Blade and Stephen Gartner blend their ideas, experiences, and techniques to create original works in blown and sculpted glass. Over the past decade, they have developed a series of pieces that explores and reinterprets objects of ritual and worship. Natural elements such as bone, antler, wood, vines, fossils, and rock formations inspire their signature designs, which include covered vessels and sculptural objects. The artists' work combines traditional glassblowing techniques with innovative color application and sculpting techniques. Their newest works are primarily sculptural. Although very much in keeping with their shared aesthetic, these pieces are a departure from the traditional blown glass vessel. The "Amulet" series is comprised of large-scale wall-mounted works while the "Arbor" series is designed to rest on a table or other flat surface. Both series are captivating and inspiring either in single pieces or groupings. The glass surfaces ask to be touched as they invite the viewer to look closer and explore the unusual plays of light they create. Through etching and polishing, the artists give their glass the ability to transmit light in some areas and retain a beautiful opacity in others. Prior to opening their studio, Blade and Gartner studied with prominent American and European glass artists. Both worked as glasshouse gaffers and glassblowing instructors.


Product Offering

Gartner Blade Glass creates limited production hand blown glass vessels, one of a kind sculptures and specialty lighting for art galleries, interior designers and private collectors.


About the Artist

Gartner Blade is the collaborative work of Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner. Business partners since 1996, we combine our ideas, techniques and experiences to create original works in both blown and sculpted hot glass. We are continually developing a series of pieces that explores our interpretation of objects used in rituals and worship. The inspiration for these pieces begins with our mutual fascination with the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in the rituals of both primitive and contemporary cultures. Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine and rock formations combine with our highly original color palette to inform our signature pieces. Our work merges traditional hand-blown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpting techniques.


Danielle Blade - Blown Glass Artist

Danielle Blade

Originally from the Isle of Wight UK, Danielle is the daughter of British glass artist Martin Evans.

After an apprenticeship at Isle of Wight Glass, Danielle moved to the US in 1985. Prior to establishing Gartner Blade Glass, Danielle studied with prominent American and European glass artists and was employed as a glasshouse gaffer and a glassblowing instructor.


Stephen Gartner - Blown Glass Artist

Stephen Gartner

Born 1964 in Phoenix, AZ., I grew up near Charleston, South Carolina and also spent a few years living in Naples, Italy.

I began my glass making career as a lampworker (torch-work) in 1993, making animal figurines, paperweights and floral sculptures. I met Danielle in 1996 and a year later we opened our first glass shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We relocated to Ashley Falls, Massachusetts in 2000.



Product Examples:


Gartner Blade Blown Glass Vase



This series is inspired by our fascination with natural geological formations. We begin with a rich opaque base color, over which our design reminiscent of marble or rock strata is overlaid. Base colors are Blue or Red Amethyst, Sage, Tangerine, Ruby, Black, Cobalt and Lime. These pieces are finished with a brilliant metallic colored lip accent. 



 Gartner Blade Blown Glass Vase



This series is inspired the natural beauty found in opals.  We begin with a rich opaque base color (white or black), over which our design reminiscent of opals is overlaid. These pieces are often finished with a brilliant metallic colored lip accent. 



 Gartner Blade Blown Glass Vase



This design incorporates some of our favorite colors that are found in nature. Powdered glasses from seven different hues come together to create very unique and striking patterns. Though similar, each piece is unique from the interplay of colors. 



Gartner Blade Blow Glass Sculpture  




The Arbors are solid glass sculptural pieces. The rich organic colors from our favorite palette are applied to molten glass and then manipulated into complex forms which are inspired by leaves, branches, tendrils and roots. All sculptures are sand etched and sealed with a lustrous satin finish.



 Gartner Blade Blown Glass Table Lamp


Table Lamps

Our signature designs are now available in table lighting. Our newest work combines beauty with function. Available in all our signature colors. Our new lamps also feature high quality brass hardware sockets, Spt-2 cord sets and made in the USA hard backed lamp shades. Our lamps accept standard base type bulbs (maximum wattage 75W). We recommend Eco Smart LED bulbs and Edison type bulbs.



Gartner Blade Blown Glass Pendant Light



Our pendants add visual depth and a luminous warm glow to any interior and are stunning both on and off. We currently use elegant LED hardware from W.A.C. lighting. Choose from either canopy mount or use a track adapter to use with standard track fixtures. Pedants attach to tracks and canopies with a quick disconnect feature that simplifies installation and removal.



Gartner Blade Blown Glass tabletop Decor



Organic shapes and tactile sand etched surfaces combined with glossy jewel tone interiors create a stunning contrast in these elegant pieces. 

Interior colors– Wine Red, Blue Amethyst, Lime, Topaz, Red Amethyst, Aurora and Aqua.




In Summary:

 "Our inspirations are rooted in nature and born of a mutual fascination with the use of found objects in the rituals of primitive cultures. With this work, we hope to convey a reverence for and understanding of the preciousness of our natural resources."  - Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade



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