The Glass Vessel Sink … A Work of Art in Your Bath

Vessel sinks have been in use for over 100 years. The first vessel sinks were simply deep bowl s placed on a stand which came from the English tradition. Some washstand tables were fitted with a hole where the bowl could be set into for better support. Today’s vessel sinks are more than functional; they are beautiful works of art and can be found in a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques.


Glass is readily available, eco-friendly, and an exceptional choice for a vessel sink. Glass vessel sinks are versatile and can be found in almost any color, shape, and size that will complement all sorts of bath furniture, style, and color scheme.  Glass vessel sinks made from 100% recycled glass are eco-friendly, helping to protect the earth from castoff glass by repurposing it into beautiful art.


blown glass bathroom sink

Cloudy Bay Glass Vessel Sink


Due to their unique and beautiful design, vessel sinks are often mounted on top of the counter to show off the entire sink and exhibit it like the work of art that it is. A vessel sink can be installed on the countertop (above counter mount) or sunk into the counter at varying heights (drop-in mount). Semi-recessed vessels are a hybrid of drop-in and vessel and are designed to sit so that the bottom of the bowl is below counter height, while the rim is several inches above the countertop. Installation is fairly easy.


If you choose semi-recessed or drop-in mounted, you can add to the drama and highlight the sink with specially installed lighting beneath the sink to show off its striking color and design.


When redecorating you will normally first choose a style and color pallet base to work from. If you haven’t decided upon a color pallet yet you will find inspiration by browsing the colors and styles of the gorgeous glass vessel sinks in an online catalog. Once you find a vessel sink gem it will be easy to decorate around the sink as a focal point of your bath. It is after all one of the first things one sees when using the bath of your home. A uniquely styled, handcrafted glass vessel sink will quickly become the jewel of your bath.