Shagbark-Handled Square Hoe

Model #: FB-SSS
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  • Versatile design with an attractive loop on handle
  • Hand-forged from high-carbon steel
  • Shagbark Hickory handle
  • Fully handcrafted in a traditional blacksmithing process
  • Made in Bozeman, Montana
Our Price: $72
Product Description

This sturdy weeding hoe with a square blade is handcrafted specifically with deeper digging in mind. The metal part is hand-forged from high-carbon steel with subtle patina, and is then inset into the slotted Shagbark Hickory handle and riveted all the way through with brass rivets.  The subtle patina and extra length give this tool a great balance and modern flair. An unusual looped detail adds visual appeal and strength.

The strength and toughness of natural Shagbark Hickory wood make it an ideal sturdy material for tool handles. Our artisans use stout Hickory twigs with the bark still attached for a natural, slightly rugged look.

Materials used:
- forged high-carbon steel with subtle patina;
- Shagbark Hickory handle.

Artisan Crafted Home is excited to partner with American artisan blacksmiths to bring you the finest selection of hand-forged garden tools. Each of the unique tools in our collection is built using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques. The result is a beautiful, heirloom-quality garden tool that will be enjoyed in your family for generations!

Only the finest hand-forged metal and American-sourced hardwood are used to create these garden tools. The artisan's name is imprinted into the metal as proof of authenticity.

Our handcrafted garden tools will make an ideal gift for the discriminating gardener, wedding couple, or anyone who has an eye for high-quality traditional crafts and a passion for gardening.

Proudly handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana.

Product Specifications

22" overall length
14" handle length

*Slight variations in size and look are possible due to the handcrafted manner of production

High-carbon steel blade, Shagbark Hickory handle

Handcrfated in Bozeman, Montana

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