SoLuna Copper Farmhouse Sink | 30" Workstation | SALE

Model #: CK7070S35-1SINK-SALE
  • Drop-in or undermount installation
  • Premium 14-gauge copper for extra durability
  • Removable drainboard
  • SAVE OVER $600
  • Removable wood and marble cutting boards
  • Removable colander
  • Three unique patina options
  • Available in 30" width
  • Fits standard cabinet of the same width as the width of the sink (33" cabinet for a 33" sink, etc.)
  • TIG copper welded
  • Made by 3rd generation coppersmiths
  • In Stock - Ships in 5-7 days
Sale Price: $3,095.00
Product Description


This Soluna copper farmhouse workstation sink comes with a number of handy accessories for food prep, washing pots and pans, carving meats and so much more. The design and accessories allows for “multitasking” and frees up counterspace. The anti-microbial properties, corrosion resistance and the visual appeal of copper make it an excellent choice.

Features include:

  • Marble Cutting board
  • Wood Cutting Board
  • Removable Colander/Strainer
  • Removable Drainboard
  • Removable Sink Well
  • Built in Soap/Sponge Caddy**

Never have your soap or sponge out of reach with our handy built in sponge caddy (image 6). One of the handy features about the removable drainboard is if you give it a 1/4 turn and put it in the bottom of the sink, you have a grate to protect the sink bottom.

Available in 3 copper finishes:  Rio Grande (Images 4, 17, 21), Dark Smoke (shown above Images 14-18,18-20, 22-24), Cafe Natural (Images 1-3, 5-13) Custom drop-in version (Image 4), please call to order. Not avaliable in Matte Copper.


SoLuna’s stunning farmhouse sinks can be installed in a variety of ways including a standard undermount installation or drop-in/top mounted. You can download our kitchen sink installation instruction guide, shown HERE. To see other sink installation options, please check out our Copper Gallery, shown HERE.

Each sink fits standard cabinet dimensions of the same width as the width of the sink  (33" cabinet for a 33" sink, etc.). Check with your cabinet maker to make sure your cabinet is built to standard proportions.

All of our kitchen sinks are hand-hammered in 14-gauge, lead-free copper by third generation coppersmiths. Our 14-gauge copper is the thickest copper available on the market—you don't need to worry about a metallic drumming sound as water flows into your sink. Our sinks are TIG copper welded.

We are happy to create a custom order for you. If you're interested in adjusting the dimensions or making other modifications please feel free to call us Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm Pacific Time at 360.321.2131.

Free Shipping with all orders over $100.00 to the 48 contiguous states and Canada!

*Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks (2-3 weeks production time, and 5-7 business days delivery time) for your sink to arrive. We find that ordering well in advance to your installation time is best.

*This farmhouse sink is a one-off at a special price due to overstock.

Product Specifications

Sink Dimensions:
30" x 20" x 9" OD 26" x 16" x 9" ID, including ledges 26" x 15" x 9" ID, excluding ledges 3.5" drain opening located 6.5" from the back wall and 6.5" from the right wall to the center of the hole 16" W x 16" D x .5" H Removable Drainboard
2 cutting boards 8” x 16”x 0.5”
Sponge caddy 3” x 16” x 1.5”
Removable sink well 16” x 16” x 6” OD, 16” x 15” x 6”ID
Strainer for veggies 15.75” x16” x 5.75” OD, 15.75” x 15” x 5.75” ID
Weight: Aprox. 88 lbs.

*Please see spec sheet for detailed dimensions.

Features include:

  • Marble Cutting board 
  • Wood Cutting Board 
  • Removable Colander/Strainer 
  • Removable Drainboard 
  • Removable Sink Well 
  • Built in Soap/Sponge Caddy**
  • 14 gauge Hammered Copper
  • TIG Copper Welded


*Please Note: Due to the Artisan Crafted nature of our copper sinks, dimensions may vary up to 3/16" (+/-)

 **Optional removable soap/sponge caddy is an additional $100



Maintenance Tips SoLuna Finishes:

Wiping your SoLuna copper product down with a soft rag and spot checking with soap and water is generally all the cleaning your SoLuna copper product will ever need. We recommend NOT using anything abrasive for bathing or cleaning, including products like bleach, bristle brushes, and harsh soaps.


To keep your copper sink or bathtub in premium condition, we recommend routinely waxing your sink or tub with Renaissance Wax or Howard Wax-It-All.


Please note: Some Copper Products offer the option for the application of a lacquer seal to protect the original patina. Wax is not necessary to maintain the finish of lacquered copper products. However, waxing does provide an extra layer of protection from dirt and grease for both lacquered and unlacquered copper products.

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