Unusually Shaped Copper Bar & Prep Sinks

Unusually Shaped Copper Bar & Prep Sinks



Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of prep or cleanup work happening in your kitchen while you’re getting your home ready for a big dinner party or cocktails with friends? A copper bar or prep sink by SoLuna can provide a relief to your cooking or entertaining efforts. The substantial look of hand-hammered copper adds a timeless stylish touch to your home design, while the natural antibacterial properties of copper make cleanup a breeze.


With so many gorgeous bar and prep sink designs we offer at Copper Sinks Online, you always have an opportunity to make your kitchen or bar stand out. Our bar sinks feature a standard 2-inch drain opening, and a flat bottom useful for stacking dirty glasses or dishes as you’re getting ready to clean them. Our prep sinks accommodate the standard 3.5-inch drain option compatible with both standard and disposal drains. A lot of our copper sink models are available with both 2-inch and 3.5-inch drain openings so they can be used both as bar and prep sinks. All SoLuna sinks are available in our four signature copper finishes.


Our Favorite Unusually Shaped Copper Sinks for Your Bar and Prep Needs:




oval flat bottom bar sink


Jumbo Oval Flat Bottom Copper Bar or Prep Sink


Our Jumbo Oval Flat Bottom Copper Bar or Prep Sink (shown in our signature Cafe Natural copper finish) features a generous 23.5-inch inner width. The 1.5-inch rim can be showcased via drop-in (overmount) installation, or hidden if you choose to undermount your sink. We offer this model as a bar sink with a 2-inch drain opening and a prep sink with a 3.5-inch drain.


Curved Copper Kitchen Prep Sink

Curved Copper Kitchen Prep Sink


The Curved Copper Kitchen Prep Sink (shown to the right in our Rio Grande finish) is perfect for oversized countertops or corner locations. This sink suits two standard 3.5-inch kitchen drains, and proves to be especially useful in busy kitchens. Have a little helper in training? Keep an eye on their progress as you’re hulling strawberries or peeling potatoes together.


Large Copper Trough Sink

Large Trough Copper Sink


Another generously sized sink option for your kitchen prep area, our Large Trough Copper Sink is built with a gently curved bottom that is both attractive and practical. For ease of cleanup, install this sink with a disposal unit. Shown to the right in our gorgeous Cafe Natural finish.


Triangular Copper Bar Sink

Triangular Copper Bar Sink


Last but not least, our Triangular Copper Bar Sink attracts visual attention with its smooth curves and an unusual shape. The unevenly sized outer lip (one-inch-wide at the corners, two inches at the center of each side) can be showcased when you install this sink as a drop-in model or hidden via an undermount installation. Shown in our Rio Grande copper finish.


If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in our custom copper sink design options, please contact us today!