5 Unique Bathroom Sinks for Asian Style

5 Unique Bathroom Sinks for Asian Style

Asian Style Bathroom Sinks


The world’s largest continent is bound to drive interior design and style around the globe. Asian style is defined and principled, yet relaxed and inspiring. Outside of the Asian continent, Asian interior design is appreciated and implemented to remind homeowners of its bold, exotic, and sophisticated principals. Here we’ll focus on identifying unique bathroom sinks that are ideal for a home or bathroom with Asian style.


Calming Vessel Sinks


The calming colors and patterns used to craft these artisan vessel sinks are often used to decorate Asian styled bathrooms, as they inspire peace and soothing vibes. Allow these vessel sinks to be the centerpiece of the bathroom, complemented by a simple black or white countertop or vanity. 


Blown Glass Vessel Sink

Cloudy Bay Blown Glass Sink


An uncluttered, zen-inspired bath zone sets the scene for relaxation. The simple lines and modern shapes of this bathroom sink will balance well with natural accessories, natural light, and decorative displays of pebbles, branches, grasses, or flowers. 


Zen Copper Vessel Sink

Rectangular Zen Copper Vessel Sink



Glamorous Vessel Sinks


If you want your Asian-inspired bathroom to be on the glamorous end of the spectrum, this sinks is hand carved from a solid piece of jade.


Carved Jade Vessel Sink

Jade Vessel Sink



Natural Vessel Sinks


Unique bathroom sinks made of natural materials such as carved stone or bamboo shoots will enhance the organic and tranquil look of any bathroom. These natural fixtures are complemented by a variety of harmonious natural textures such as woven boxes or rugs, live orchids, or pebbles.


Oval Stone Vessel Sink

Oval Stone Vessel Sink with Rough Exterior



Dramatic Vessel Sinks


Red is a powerful, dominant color in many Eastern cultures. Add a bold, red unique bathroom sink to symbolize joy, good luck, fortune, and purity in your Asian-inspired home. Shiny black geometric designs will complement splashes of vivid red, and create an authentic Asian style in your home.


Hand Blown Glass Vessel Sink

Arsia Glass Vessel Sink